Conditions of Entry

For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all patrons, staff and event participants please note the following Conditions of Entry in relation to persons use and entry to the Henty Machinery Field Days (HMFD).  

HMFD management will endeavour to provide a Covid-19 safe event in line with current restrictions as advised by the NSW Government at the time of the event.



NO DOGS ALLOWED – Exceptions may be made for Guide Dogs or Personal Assistance Dogs (certification required).  Dogs participating in the working dog trials excepted.

Bikes and Golf Carts are not permitted on the site during opening hours.

HMFD Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any persons.

Visitor Safety and Enjoyment:

We want everyone to have a great time in a safe environment and we appreciate your help to make this happen.

  • Be prepared. HMFD is a big event and it can be quite a distance walking around the site all day.  Please ensure you drink plenty of water, take time to rest and dress for the weather conditions.
  • You and your possessions may be searched before entering HMFD, during the event or when you leave the venue. If you refuse to participate in searches, you may be denied entry or asked to leave HMFD.
  • You are responsible for your belongings, do not leave them unattended.
  • You must keep access ways, aisles, roads, entry doors and emergency exits clear at all times.
  • Footwear should be worn at all times.
  • You may be monitored on CCTV
  • Some events may include activities that could be a risk to your health and safety. You acknowledge this and enter HMFD at your own risk.
  • If you are first on the scene of an emergency please dial 000 first then tell HMFD staff or member.
  • In the event of an emergency please follow the instructions of HMFD staff, members or emergency personnel.
  • NSW Police, St John Ambulance and NSW Rural Fire Service are on site.
  • Missing persons are to be reported to the HMFD office.

Your Behaviour:

We want everyone to have a great experience so please follow these guidelines:

  • You must follow the instructions of HMFD staff, members and volunteers.
  • You must not bring alcohol onto the field days site and you must not take any opened alcohol containers out. Sealed alcohol purchased from licensed exhibitors in the Farm Gate Produce Area excepted.
  • You may be asked to provide identification to prove your age if you wish to purchase alcohol.
  • If you become intoxicated you will be required to leave HMFD.
  • You may be liable for prosecution, refused entry or ejected from the site if you have:
    • Entered the site without prior authorisation;
    • Are deemed by management to be displaying disorderly, offensive or unlawful behaviour
    • Use foul or abusive language, or make racial or threatening remarks or gestures; or
    • Fail to comply with any of these Conditions of Entry or requests from HMFD staff, members or their representatives.

If you do any of the following you may be refused entry or required to leave:

  • Enter, attempt to enter or interfere with a restricted area, eg: competitions or demonstrations
  • Bring in items that are not allowed including firearms or other weapons (knives etc).
  • Damage, deface, and misuse any part of the venue or equipment.
  • Behave in a way that unreasonably affects others working or attending the event
  • Supply alcohol to minors

Management reserves the right to inspect any bag and/or articles of clothing for the following:

  • Alcohol
  • Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, skates or scooters
  • Illegal substances including controlled, dangerous or illicit drugs
  • Fireworks/flares/laser lights/laser pointers
  • Weapons of any kind or items that may be used as a weapon
  • Firearms
  • Animals (guide dogs/personal assistance dogs/dogs participating in working dog competition excepted)
  • Any other item that in the opinion of management could cause harm or public nuisance

You should know that:

  • Management reserves the right to manage patron access to HMFD via screening equipment/checks
  • Patrons must comply with any request to electronic and/or personal body searching
  • The carriage and operation of drones (or any such aircraft) is prohibited without prior permission from HMFD management.
  • The movement of patrons on the HMFD site is subject to monitoring by security cameras. Patrons may be filmed/photographed.
  • You consent to any image of you at the venue being used for reasonable publicity purposes by the HMFD.
  • You agree not to hold HMFD staff or members liable for any claim of loss, damager, cost or expense resulting from or in relation to your attendance at our venue.
  • No ticket refund will be paid to patrons removed from the site
  • Patrons under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times within the site.

In order to enhance security, to protect the safety of persons at HMFD and ensure compliance with conditions of use of the site, HMFD (and its contractors) may operate surveillance equipment within and surrounding the site, including security cameras.  By entering the site you consent to information about yourself (including images) being recorded by such surveillance equipment and to HMFD disclosing the information recorded to anyone (including law enforcement bodies, person involved in relevant legal or disciplinary actions and the governing bodies of organisations holding events at HMFD) to the extent that HMFD deems such disclosure to be necessary so as to protect HMFD or those governing bodies lawful interest, the public interest or the safety of persons or property at HMFD.

You have certain rights to access your personal information held by HMFD and can request access by contacting our CEO by email to by telephone on (02) 69293305."


Henty Machinery Field Days Co-operative Limited

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Site Address: 22 Lubkes Road, Henty NSW 2658

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Henty is located midway between Albury and Wagga Wagga on the Olympic Way