Wodonga TAFE have recently finished construction of a new Trades Training Centre (TTC). 

This multi-level building incorporates modern classrooms, providing plenty of workspace for hands-on practical learning whilst catering for multiple trades with industry leading tools and equipment available to ensure quality learning practices.

Wodonga TAFE are currently offering courses across a range of certificate levels at the TTC, these include:

  • Cabinet Making – Certificate III 
  • Building & Construction/Carpentry – Certificate II, III and IV 
  • Electrotechnology – Certificate II
  • Plumbing - Certificate II

Wodonga TAFE is also looking to offer Certificate III apprenticeship plumbing and electrical courses in 2023, so keep your eyes peeled for future updates.

Free TAFE opportunities are available at Wodonga TAFE making education more accessible than ever.

With the Certificate II, III, IV in Agriculture & Certificate IV in Agribusiness included in the list Wodonga TAFE is providing opportunities for you or your staff to develop a holistic understanding of the agricultural industry. 

With a broad range of qualifications available, skills from foundation to advanced can be gained, learning all aspects and processes within agricultural business operations. Wodonga TAFE also have the AgSchools program for school-based trainees. 

On offer is a great range of qualifications across all industries, including exciting opportunities in Engineering and Horticulture, so there has never been a better time to explore what Wodonga TAFE has to offer.

There are a variety of short courses on offer to develop on-farm skills. Whether you want to improve your team’s chainsaw or welding skills, or you want to apply for a Victorian agricultural chemical user’s permit, we’re here to help.

Wodonga TAFE will be at Henty at site 49-50 in Block C. 

Henty will be among the first small regional centres in the Riverina to provide short term or respite care to the community’s most vulnerable. 

The $2.4 million Avondale Place, due to open in early 2023, aims to be a centre where care and respite for those in need of care as well as rest and support for their carers. 

Located close to Henty Multipurpose Service, it will provide either short term respite care or independent for people living with disability in a safe, home-like environment within a small-town setting.

The facility will encompass two forms of accommodation on a large site – a four-bedroom respite care centre and up to four two-bedroom independent living units.

It will cater for people and families dealing with physical and mental disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, personal or environmental crisis, mental health issues and illnesses such as chronic fatigue, Parkinson’s or Motor Neurone Disease. 

The buildings will be located in a carefully designed landscape to offer peace and a sense of belonging to short term and longer-term residents.

All buildings will be constructed to meet the latest guidelines for respite and disability care while meeting sustainability and energy efficiency goals.

Avondale Place treasurer Mary Liston said the initial investment was a generous $1.5 million donation from a local family and additional funding was being sought from community and government sources to bring the project to completion. 

Once completed it is proposed local service provider mercy Connect will deliver property management and support services at the site.

Mrs Liston said it was anticipated the provision of the service will be funded by the fees charged for respite care, along with the rental income provided by the independent living units.

She urged regional people to consider a career in the respite care industry.

“We need skilled carers to work at the centre once it is up and running,” she said.

“Training as a carer could provide you with a new job and our centre with highly skilled locally-based staff.

“There is limited care available in larger centres like Albury and Wagga, leaving local families having to travel further to access such care. 

“Respite allows people who need care to be cared for in a safe, suitable environment for short periods to allow them to have a break from their usual environment and to allow their carers and families to have a break.”

Mrs Liston said the interest and inquiry from potential clients had been strong.

“There is lots of inability to access respite in the bigger areas such as Albury and Wagga Wagga, and we are confident the facility will be utilised to the highest extent,” she said.

“It won’t be restricted to people on the National Disability Insurance Scheme – it could be someone recuperating from surgery and no longer requires medical support but have nobody to care for them at home.

“The aged care need has been reasonably well met regionally where our target is people in the younger demographic.”

Mrs Liston said the service would draw largely from within the Greater Hume and Lockhart shires but its doors would be open to anyone needing care or who would like care in a small-town setting. 

Avondale Place committee members will be at the Henty Machinery Field Days entrance gates raising awareness and seeking donations for the project, and will be outlining the project’s vision during the Country Lifestyle program. 

HMFD is contributing by allowing field day patrons to opt into a donation to Avondale Place when buying their online gate tickets. 

“We see Avondale Place as adding a health asset and infrastructure to Henty providing for people in need of care, and for carers in need of a break but also potential employment and active involvement from the greater community,” Mrs Liston said. 

The Gason Active Hitch Planter was designed to better equip the manufacturer’s successful NT & T Series planters for sowing in undulating country, where traditionally a floating hitch planter would be used. 

The Active Hitch has benefits of both a Rigid pull and a Floating Hitch. 

It uses a sensor wheel front and rear to measure toolbar height, an ECU compares and averages the signal and automatically drives hydraulic cylinders to tilt the machine fore/aft to contour the ground. 

The planter can also be manually tilted via a simple in-cab user interface.The Active Hitch System is available on Gason’s range of planters from 6.5-12m. 

It provides better maneuverability, drawbar weight, and tracking ability than a conventional floating hitch planter. 

Similar to a rigid pull planter, the Active Hitch uses a simple and cost-effective frame that is not required to twist through contours and has a single row of wheels and lift cylinders.

The Gason Active Hitch Planter accepts ScariTILL and HydraTILL tines, frame-mounted presswheels and parallelogram presswheels on a range of spacings. 

Gason’s range of mounted, front tow and rear tow air seeders are also fully compatible.

As farmers and end users of all their distributed global brands, Waringa understand what growers need from a product and requirements for back up service and support.

Waringa distributes a range of premium products from renowned global brands including Agri-Spread, Elmer’s Manufacturing, Highline Manufacturing, Equalizer, and coming soon Geringhoff. 

“Our products have delivered proven results for our customers, and we continue to work closely with our manufacturers, dealers, and customers to ensure our distributed brands continue to exceed expectations,” Waringa Distribution general manager Sam Abbott said. 

Highline Manufacturing’s Rock Removal Equipment includes the NT Rock Picker and newly released RR4300 Rock Rake, designed for simplicity and to withstand the toughest conditions. 

The Rock Picker is hydraulically driven with a high-lift design for unloading rocks directly into a trailer, and the RR4300 Rock Rake rakes rocks into narrow rows prior to picking, resulting in more rocks removed from a larger area in less time.  

Equalizer Precision Seeding equipment includes Tine Seeders and Air Carts. 

The Tine Seeder has a variety of options to suit specific soil needs and can be coupled with an Equalizer Air Cart to maximise seeding capacity.

The Tine Seeder is available in widths of 9m, 12m, 18m and 24m, includes a semi-independent break away on the tines, and a spring-loaded quick seed depth adjustment clip. 

Air Carts are available in tow-behind and tow-between options in capacities up to 22,000L in 2 or 3 bin configurations. 

The Elmer’s Manufacturing range distributed by Waringa includes the high capacity, technologically advanced, Haulmaster Chaser Bin. 

The Haulmaster is available in single axle, tandem axle and fixed track models ranging from 30T through to 63T capacities with industry exclusive features aimed at maximising operator unloading efficiency. 

The Haulmaster can unload up to 18T per minute and includes Elmer’s exclusive Powermaster custom designed direct drive gearbox which eliminates belts and drive chains.

Waringa also distributes the entire Agri-Spread Advanced Spreader Range. 

The AS2000 Series is available in capacities up to 22 cubic metres and is accredited to spread urea to 41m and lime to 15m with the highest level of accuracy. 

The Positive Drive Conveyor System, whereby the conveyor floor belt is teeth moulded and runs over a matching cage roller drive system to eliminate belt stretching and slippage, and the Sectional Control factory option which allows the spreading rate on either side of the machine to be changed, are just some of the exclusive features.

The TruFlex Razor Draper Head from Geringhoff, will also be available next seasonIt is the only header front with a fully flexible three-piece frame combined with a completely flexible, segmented cutter bar with the option of the fully integrated Variable Integrated Air System

Using controlled air flow, any crop at risk of dropping to the ground is blown back onto the belt significantly minimising losses and maximising yields.

Waringa Distribution has an established national dealer network of over 60 dealers across Australia to support customer purchasing and service needs. 

For more product information and to locate your nearest dealer visit

When the Prime Minister needs to save money for the country he turns to an economist, but when those in the country need to save money – they should speak to a tribologist.

That’s the word from Lowes Petroleum whose certified tribologist James Riley will be on hand at the Henty Machinery Field Days armed with essential information on how using the right lubricants for the right machinery can save money. 

 “I have to admit, it’s a lot of fun when people ask me what I do for my job,” Mr Riley said. “You can see them scratching their heads wondering if I have made up the name.

“Complex systems lose much of their energy to friction; the more energy they lose, the more power we consume to keep them running.  Tribology is the science and engineering of interacting surfaces in relative motion, drawing on many academic fields from physics and chemistry to biology and engineering.

“Based on science, we can ensure you get longevity out of your machinery – often reducing the number of oil drains and number of products you use in the long run. Massive energy savings can be unlocked by reducing wear and alleviating friction in almost every machine you run.  

“The right lubricant can even lead to fuel savings as your machinery runs more efficiently”.

It’s been calculated 30 per cent of the world’s energy consumption is wasted in the form of friction-induced heat. Adding to that, half of all manufactured parts are made solely to replace others that have deteriorated due to wear and tear.

“When you consider that, it makes perfect sense to start a conversation about your farming machinery and how it is performing,” Mr Riley said. 

“Lubricants are the most common way of reducing friction. Oil, grease and solid lubricants all offer different solutions. Together with advancements in technology, today’s lubricants offer serious benefits. 

“Tribologists can tweak a surprising range of physical products, just ask us. We’re at sites 698 and 699 near the Parcel Pick-Up Office – look for our logo on the map”.

Field day visitors will have the chance to win a wireless weather station package courtesy of Mottech Parkland.

The Davis 6820AU Wireless GroWeather Ag Focused VP2 ISS has all the sensors growers needs – anemometer, rain collector and temperature, humidity and solar irradiance – to measure solar energy potential and evapotranspiration.

This sensor suite has been incorporated into the company’s Agricultural Remote Weather Station.

Temperature and humidity sensors are housed inside a radiation shield, which protects against solar radiation and other sources of radiated and reflected heat.

A detachable anemometer provides wind speed and direction, and can be sited up to 12m above the other sensors. There is also the ability to add a UV sensor.

WeatherLink Live connects to Wi-Fi automatically to send data to the WeatherLink Cloud.

From there, growers can use the website, mobile apps and upload to third-party services like Weather Underground or CWOP.

Growers can enjoy live streaming data with the WeatherLink app when on their local Wi-Fi.

See wind gusts as they happen and track rain rates and accumulation in real-time.

It is simple set-up with the IOS or Android WeatherLink app and it can easily connect to Ethernet with the included cable.

Growers can create a custom network of sensors using up to eight of Davis Instruments’ trusted transmitters in any combination: Vantage Vue Sensor Suites, Vantage Pro2 Sensor Suites, Sensor Transmitters and Wireless Leaf and Soil Moisture/Temperature Stations.

Data can be connected to smart irrigation systems or WeatherLink Live configured to other IoT/smart home systems.

For a chance to win the Davis 6820AU Wireless GroWeather Ag Focused VP2 ISS and WeatherLink Live, simply clip out the coupon in the HMFD program and drop it in the barrel at the Mottech Parkland site 359.

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