The Case IH Patriot sprayer has been a fixture of many Australian farming operations for more than two decades, and now local customers are about to be introduced to the latest in Case IH application technology, the new Patriot 50 series.

An entry in the Henty Machine of the Year Award, the Patriot’s undergone a complete re-design to deliver improved efficiency and operator comfort, along with enhanced connectivity and remote management capabilities.

Case IH ANZ Product Manager Patriot Sprayers Jason Wood said it was an exciting expansion of the self-propelled application equipment line-up with three new models – the Patriot 3250, 4350, and 4450. T

“This has been a comprehensive re-design of one of our flagship models and the benefits are obvious from the first time you sit in the cab: more comfortable to operate, complete vehicle control, and technology features offered for the first time in the Patriot,” Mr Wood said.

The Patriot’s acclaimed AIM Command spray system technology has been stepped up again in the new Patriot series, with the option of adding AIM Command FLEX™II, offering six modes of operation for greater accuracy and control across chemical application rates, pressure and droplet size, and individual nozzle on/off control for increased precision.

Mr Wood said the MultiControl armrest layout offered in current-model Steiger and Magnum tractors, and proving popular with operators, was now a feature of the Patriot 50 series sprayers, too, providing the advantage of keeping commonly used controls at operators’ fingertips.

Other features include:

  • A quiet, comfortable interior with an abundance of glass for maximum, unrestricted visibility, designed to enhance operator performance
  • Superior ride quality, stability and control with a 4-bar linkage chassis suspension system
  • A suite of technology solutions capable of performing wireless file transfers, sharing guidance lines, creating prescription maps, fleet management, data sharing and product control
  • Strong, durable booms with a boom suspension design that helps provide a stable platform for product application
  • Integrated AutoBoom® XRT Automatic Boom Height control that detects and accommodates changes in terrain, ensuring coverage accuracy and effectiveness
  • A new centre section design minimises boom yaw in challenging conditions — even with longer boom options
  • The AFS Vector Pro receiver provides reliable and consistent terrain-compensated position and helps operators quickly determine guidance lines. It’s also compatible with the optional AutoTurn automated headland turning feature
  • Two customisable displays - the AFS Pro 1200 and the Viper 4+ - ensure operators always have optimal vehicle and product control and the ability to see what they want, when they want.
  • Tank capacities of 6,057L (4450 model); 4,542L (4350); 3,785L (3250)
  • For ease of maintenance, everything is within reach with a one-stop, centrally-located service centre, exclusive tip wash station, ground-level connections and an open architecture design
  • Increased transport speeds of up to 59.5km/h (Patriot 4350 and 4450) to help maximise productivity.

Currently being rolled out across the Case IH tractor ranges, AFS Connect™ is now offered in the Patriot, providing unmatched connectivity, guidance, data and monitoring solutions for any operation. Every Patriot 50 series sprayer comes with an AFS Connect-compatible modem and a 5-year subscription from the factory.

“With AFS Connect, operators can, for example, view and store their application maps from season to season, or track a machine’s location, parameters and progress during jobs to help with planning tasks,” Mr Wood said.

 “There are so many options, and opportunities, for every type, and size, of farm business.”

Mr Wood said the priority during the development of the new Patriot series was to help customers maximise yield potential and better manage tight application windows. 

“We’re confident we’ve achieved that with the 50 series, keeping the features that are tried and tested, like the forward cab/rear engine design that works so well, but then adding and re-designing where necessary to ensure the highest levels of spraying accuracy and efficiency, and offer industry-leading connectivity and remote management capabilities.”

For more information on the new Patriot series, contact your local Case IH dealer or inspect at the Henty Machinery Field Days. 

Livestock producers looking for ways to improve on-farm productivity and reduce labour inputs can inspect the range of high-quality sheep and cattle handling equipment at Te Pari at Henty.

The range includes sheep handlers, cattle crushes, automated weighing and drafting equipment and they also design and manufacture a range of turnkey cattle yard systems.

All Te Pari products are made in New Zealand with high quality Australian steel and then fully hot dip galvanised to ensure the best protection from corrosion. 

Racewell Sheep Handling equipment, made by Te Pari, offers reliable, industry proven designs. The range of sheep handlers and auto drafters come with advanced features and technology that take the hard work out of sheep handling. 

A new crutching flap is now available on all Racewell Sheep Handlers. This innovation gives the operator access to the rear of the sheep for crutching including up the belly and improved access for foot work. 

This new feature is proving to be popular as it becomes harder to get contractors on farm with labour shortages.

Te Pari’s range of cattle handling equipment offers innovative designs that help improve farm efficiency and safety. 

The Taurus Auto Drafter turns drafting cattle into a one-person job with remote control operation. 

The drafting gates out the front of the crush automatically open according to the criteria you select in the scale unit – such as weight groups or any other information stored on the animals RFID tag. 

With a Taurus Auto-Drafting Crush operators can process cattle quicker and as a result will weigh more often. With a cycle time of about 10 seconds per animal, it is realistic to weigh 300 head per hour with little operator intervention. 

The Te Pari team will be on site 146-148 at Henty Machinery Field Days and they’ll have a range of their most popular equipment on display.

All your on-farm rural infrastructure requests – including silos, sheds, water storage, augers and grain handling options – will be answered in the one location when Ahrens Rural visits Henty Machinery Field Days.

Ahrens expert team will be on site to help farmers plan their future storage requirements, with no project too big or too small.

Ahrens – a 120-year-old, fifth-generation family-owned Australian company with footprints across the nation – is a leader when it comes to rural infrastructure and equipment solutions.

Today, the company manufacturers Australia’s largest range of quality and affordable transportable silos and field bins, site constructed flat bottom silos and hopper bottom silos, water tanks and steel sheds, in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as augers and grain bins.

Yet, what sets Ahrens Rural apart from the rest is its reputation for quality, reliability and value. It’s backed by the factory’s vertically-integrated set ups enabling Ahrens to design, fabricate and install your rural infrastructure need.

The complete in-house capabilities mean Ahrens can control costs, time and quality against competitors, and pass the savings onto clients.

Notably, Ahrens products are engineered to Australian standards and specifically suit Australian conditions, helping to protect your assets for the long-term. 

Ahrens on-farm solutions are also backed by world-leading technology, making us the nation’s trusted rural application specialist.

Ahrens Rural specialise in:

■ Silos – including transportable, flat bottom, hopper bottom, field bins and feeders

■ Sheds - including hay, machinery, workshops, fertiliser/grain, barns, equestrian, shearing, poultry and open-end models

■ Water storage - Ahrens manufacture a comprehensive range of water storage tanks, galvanised steel round tanks and fire tanks.

■ Augers and grain belts – Ahrens have partnered with Brandt to deliver the best grain handling solutions on the Australian market.

Take advantage of Ahrens’ relaxed and informative exhibitor setting where the team guarantees easy to purchase, deliver, operate and to care for rural solutions. 

Be sure to talk to a member of the team to discuss the right solution for your farming needs or visit

Families interested in a boarding school education for their children can hear about Canberra Grammar School’s newly launched state-of-the-art auditorium, music centre and library at Henty this year.

The facility has a 1,400-seat auditorium, four music classrooms, up to 20 music tuition rooms and an approximately 450 square metre library and independent learning space to cater to the growing needs of the school.

Canberra Grammar School is an independent Anglican co-ed school offering outstanding academic education, co-curricular opportunities and pastoral care, for day and boarding students of all backgrounds and faiths.

CGS is fully co-educational from Pre-School to Year 12, with boarding placements accommodating 135 students at full enrolment in the purpose-built boarding house, which forms part of the school’s residential community.

CGS has always acknowledged the responsibility and commitment it takes to nurture students who are entrusted to the school’s care.

CGS Boarding offers girls and boys in Year 7-12 a home away from home, and allows students to develop their independence, to build a life-long set of friends as part of a unique community, while surrounded by dedicated pastoral care staff, international student support and access to a range of sports and co-curricular activities.

All boarders have access to Wi-Fi internet, computer areas and a library. The Common Room is equipped with a kitchen, billiards table and television. 

Students also have access to laundry services and have catered meals provided in the dining hall.

Students can access to a range of premier music and sporting facilities including a swimming pool, gymnasium and tennis. 

Boarders receive 24-hour, seven-day-a week support from an incredible team of dedicated and caring professionals including resident and non-resident tutors, a registered nurse and a visiting doctor.

As well as traditional term-time boarding, Canberra Grammar School offers flexible boarding to assist with the ever-changing needs of families. 

For more information visit or learn more about our upcoming expos and open days on

NSW Farmers has been promoting the diversity of food and fibre production across the Riverina in the award-winning The Farmer magazine. 

From rice and almonds to jujubes and blood oranges, this bi-monthly publication from NSW Farmers has been sharing the stories of opportunities and challenges for farmers in the NSW food bowl. 

NSW Farmers member and Griffith blood orange grower Vito Mancini told The Farmer the region is ideal for growing the prized citrus. 

“It’s like they have to shiver with cold during the night and be sweating hot during the day. This 20-degree temperature difference must happen when the fruit is maturing to get that blood red colour,” Vito explained.

It just so happens that the Griffith area delivers those conditions perfectly.

As Australia’s only dedicated blood orange grower, they have the latest orchard temperature regulation technologies to develop the ‘bloodiest’ blood oranges in the country.

According to Colleambally farmer Roy Duffel, the region also suits the production of Jujubes – or Chinese red dates. 

“They’re suited to the sandy soils we have here. They don’t mind the heat and they don’t need as much water as other fruit trees,” Roy told The Farmer

The Farmer magazine has also reported on the challenges and opportunities for rice growers and farming families involved in the growing almond industry.

Head along to the NSW Farmers site at the Henty Machinery Field Days to grab a copy of The Farmer magazine.

Take the opportunity to catch up with local staff and Association President Xavier Martin to discuss important issues such as biosecurity, large scale energy infrastructure development, inland rail and the right to farm, and learn about the huge range of NSW Farmers.

THE all-new CLAAS AXION 960 TERRA TRAC (445 hp) and AXION 930 TERRA TRAC (355 hp) half-tracked tractors with full suspension will make their Australian debut at this year’s Henty Machinery Field Days.

Billed as the world’s only full-suspension half-track tractors, both models are based on the proven AXION 900 series but are fitted with fifth-generation crawler units on the rear axle. 

CLAAS Harvest Centre Product Manager – CLAAS High Horsepower Tractors, James Harrison, said the concept provided the best of both worlds.

“You’ve got the improved traction and reduced soil compaction from the tracks, while the front wheels make it easy to steer just like a conventional tractor,” Mr Harrison said. 

“This technology delivers 15 per cent more traction, 35 per cent more footprint and up to 50 per cent less ground pressure compared to a wheeled tractor.”

Each friction drive unit comprises an oversized drive wheel, two roller wheels, an idler wheel and an automatic tensioning cylinder. 

“Compared to the TERRA TRAC units on the LEXION and JAGUAR, the drive wheel has been increased to increase power transfer, while the transmission has been strengthened to transit the higher torque needed for draught work,” Mr Harrison said.

“Likewise, the rear axle and the fuel tank have been modified to accommodate the crawler units.”

The drive and idler wheels are designed to be self-cleaning and to reduce the build-up of heat. 

The two rollers are independently suspended and have up to 120mm of travel.

In addition, each assembly can pivot up to 23 degrees longitudinally. 

“Combined with the long wheelbase, this design ensures each track remains in full contact with the ground in all operating conditions,” Mr Harrison said.

“Between the front axle suspension, four-point cab suspension and the suspended TERRA TRAC unit, this is arguably the most comfortable tractor on the market.” 

The driver can choose between three steering modes or adjust the tractor’s ground clearance by up to 12 cm via the CEBIS terminal to perfectly match the height of the tractor to the implement.

“An intelligent drive control system provides a relatively tight turning circle of just under eight metres,” Mr Harrison said.

“With a maximum gross weight of 22 tonnes, 3 metre width – even with the widest tracks – and a 40 km/h transport speed, this tractor is 100% roadworthy.”

In addition to the existing 635 mm (25”) and 735 mm (29”) widths, the crawler tracks are now available in 457 mm (18”) and 890 mm (35”) widths. 

“The new narrow and super wide profiles will make the AXION TERRA TRAC even more versatile.

“The narrow tracks are ideal for row crops, while the wider width delivers even better traction and flotation in heavy operating conditions or delicate pastures.

“These additions mean AXION TERRA TRAC is equally at home spreading, mowing or hauling chaser bins as it is performing heavy draught work, such as cultivation and seeding.”

The tracks can also be fitted on a three-metre spacing for use in controlled traffic farming systems.

CLAAS Industrietechnik in Paderborn, Germany, has manufactured more than 35,000 TERRA TRAC units since 1997. 

Besides being found on high performance CLAAS machinery, TERRA TRAC is utilised in several third-party potato, beet and vegetable harvesters and effluent spreaders.

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